Our customers

We serve various industries with our high-quality egg products. Get to know our customers and discover how Fleggs can help you too.

Catering & Mass catering

Enchant your customers with a varied menu prepared with top quality products. Fleggs speeds up operations in your kitchen without sacrificing quality.

Bakery wholesalers

In bakeries, it is important to quickly produce large quantities of baked goods. Top quality, easy-to-handle and above all safe egg products are indispensable!

Meat product wholesalers

Butchers, too, must have access to large quantities of high-quality eggs. Fleggs makes this easy for you. Our egg products are always fresh and safe!


We supply a wide range of products to demanding food manufacturers, including our Fleggs liquid and pasteurised eggs.


Your guests want a varied buffet that sparkles with freshness and flavour. Whether desserts or savoury snacks - our product portfolio sparkles with freshness and quality.


Eggs are sensitive natural products and can be contaminated with pathogenic bacteria, such as Salmonella. Our Fleggs products are pasteurised, hygienic, and regularly inspected. So, they are 100% safe for retail.

Our recipes

Discover the convenience of liquid eggs. Fleggs eggs are ideal for baking or preparing various dishes. The possibilities are endless.

Need some inspiration?

Why choose Fleggs?

Quality and Safety

Fleggs stands for the highest quality and guaranteed results - today and in the future! Both Fleggs and our suppliers operate under the strictest European quality and hygiene standards.

Customer focus

With great competency and creativity, we are constantly working on the further development of our range of products, always with the needs of our customers in mind. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.


Sustainability is an important part of our vision. We strive to reconcile economy and ecology and attach great importance to environmentally friendly production conditions and recycling.