High quality liquid eggs

At Fleggs, we produce liquid egg products for various purposes. All our products are 100% fresh, safe, and available in convenient litre packs.

100% custom

  • Available in the following farming systems: cage, barn, free range, and organic.
  • Personalise the percentage of additives to your preference (e.g., salt, sugar, etc.).
  • Production is possible under private label.

Liquid whole egg

Pasteurised, 100% fresh, and safely packed – that's what you get with Fleggs’ liquid whole egg. Its liquid form makes it quick and easy to process.

Liquid egg yolk

Pasteurised Fleggs egg yolks can be used to safely and easily make hygienically perfect dishes such as mayonnaise, eggnog, desserts, and ice cream – guaranteed Salmonella free, even without heating.

Vloeibaar Eigeel door Fleggs
Vloeibaar Eiwit door Fleggs

Liquid egg white

Easy to whip, rich in protein, and pasteurised. Quick and easy to use when baking desserts or breading fish, meat, and croquettes.

Why choose Fleggs?

Quality and Safety

Fleggs stands for the highest quality and guaranteed results - today and in the future! Both Fleggs and our suppliers operate under the strictest European quality and hygiene standards.

Customer focus

With great competency and creativity, we are constantly working on the further development of our range of products, always with the needs of our customers in mind. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.


Sustainability is an important part of our vision. We strive to reconcile economy and ecology and attach great importance to environmentally friendly production conditions and recycling.