Sustainability is an important part of our vision, which is why we strive to reconcile economy and ecology.

Sustainable production

Hulstaert nv attaches great importance to environment-friendly production conditions and recycling.

Use of raw materials

As raw materials become scarcer, their reuse through recycling is increasingly important.

Recycling is an integral part of our sustainability strategy. Our goal is to minimise waste and to enter waste material into material recycling loops.

Egg shells released during the production of our egg products are completely composted and can be used as fertiliser.

Organic products

We use only the best eggs from all animal-friendly production systems for the products in our extensive range. In particular, we also process eggs from organic production.

Of course, we use eggs from certified organic companies for the production of our organic egg products. These eggs come from chickens raised in animal-friendly free-range conditions in a natural environment and fed exclusively with organic feed.

Fleet management

Our vehicles are equipped with low-emission engine technology, resulting in environmentally friendly and economical transport. With the aid of an automated dispatching system, we ensure highly efficient use of our vehicles and avoid empty journeys.

About Fleggs

Fleggs is a product of Hulstaert nv. Hulstaert in Sint-Niklaas stands for reliable egg products.


Enjoy our safe and fresh products with security and confidence. We have several certificates as a guarantee of our quality.